Wiped out! Liberal Media Doxes 9-Year-Old Trump Supporter “Pickle” After He Writes...

Wiped out! Liberal Media Doxes 9-Year-Old Trump Supporter “Pickle” After He Writes Fan Letter to President


On Wednesday, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders opened the instructions by perusing a letter from a 9-year-old President Donald Trump superfan named Dylan (nicknamed Pickle).

Nine-year-old Trump fan , Pickle, composed an extremely charming letter to POTUS Trump as of late.

The liberal media was enraged!

How might Anyone be able to in America adore the president so much when they loathe the man and all he remains for?

So they doxed him.

The Washington Post uncovered the kid’s name, the place where he grew up and his mom’s name.

This is their main thing to kids who bolster this president.

Pickle needs to take in his lesson!

Mediaite likewise gave an account of the kid:

Be that as it may, Pickle truthers instantly rose via web-based networking media. Various individuals on Twitter communicated incredulity that Pickle was genuine, including Mediaite Senior Editor Jon Levine. (Some prominent that Vice President Mike Pence’s feline is named Pickle.)

He’s a genuine kid.

Per the Post’s report, Dylan “Pickle” Harbin lives in Stockton, CA. His mother, SueAnn Harbin told the Post that she’s not herself political. Be that as it may, Dylan came to find out about Trump in his third grade class, which held a ridicule race a year ago. From that point, he went ahead to host a Trump-themed birthday get-together, and came to love everything Trump.

“Do you think Donald Trump will live to be 100?” Pickle supposedly asked his mother. “Since then he can watch me be president.”

Jon Levine from Mediaite posted this on Twitter:

Obviously, this never occurred amid the Obama years.

Yet, they didn’t abhor Obama.